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Public Power Week

Each year, more than 2,000 community-owned utilities, like Juneau Utilities, across the nation observe Public Power Week – a celebration of these not-for-profit electric utilities that proudly serve the electric power needs of about 40 million Americans – or almost 15 percent of electricity consumers.

Every public power system is different due to its community’s population, geography and climate, natural resources, economic and social resources and challenges, and local government structure and goals. However, all public power systems have in common their purpose: to provide adequate, reliable, not-for-profit electricity at a reasonable price with proper protection of the environment.

Each year during Public Power Week students from Dodgeland's fourth grade and St. Johns' kindergarten through second grade visit the Utility Office to learn about energy sources and safety issues. Students viewed a Power Town demonstration and got to try to produce energy on the Pedal Power bicycle.

In 2012, Public Power Week was celebrated on October 5th.

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