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Wastewater Department

Most Wastewater Treatment Plants are public/municipal owned operations, with the exception of some industries operating their own plant. A Wastewater Treatment Plant takes used water and cleans it so it can be put back into the environment. This used water not only comes from bathrooms, kitchens (garbage disposals) and floor drains, but it can also leech into the system from ground water and rain. All Wastewater Treatment Plants are regulated by the State of WI Department of Natural Resources, which sets criteria and standards as to how clean the water needs to be before it is released into the environment typically into the rivers and streams.

When we are finished cleaning, filtering and treating the Wastewater, the final product is actually cleaner than the creek into which it flows.

Every so often, we go into the system through various manholes throughout the City to remove/clean out roots, sand and grit, and other miscellaneous items that get into the system. This process keeps the pipes in working order please watch out for us so we can continue to provide you with quality service.

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